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Crestline Results

Crest Forest Fire Department

  • Provided fire department with thermal imaging equipment ($332,440)
    • Allows firefighters to see better inside a burning building

Crestline Library

  • Building $5.6-million library on Lake Drive across from Lake Gregory and Crestline Skate Park
  • 7,641 square feet (Twice the size of current library)
  • Existing library more than 20 years old, located in rented space

Crestline Library Adult Literacy

  • Provided CDBG funds to support adult literacy program at Crestline library
  • Program helps English-speaking adults improve their reading and writing skills

Crestline Skatepark/Village Park

  • Opened community’s first skatepark in 2006
  • Also improved existing pocket park: new playground equipment, restrooms, picnic area
  • Improved tennis and basketball courts

Crest Forest Family Services Agency

  • Expanded and improved the Crest Forest Family Service Agency office
    • $222,932 CDBG allocation
  • About 1,400 people receive products from the agency’s food bank every month
  • Also provided the agency with turkeys for holiday meal baskets

Senior Lunch Program at the San Moritz

  • Expanded lunch program to two Thursdays a month in 2003
  • Doubled the number of free lunches served to seniors

Lake Gregory Dog Park

  • Built ½-acre dog park near Lake Gregory in 2009

Mountain Communities Boys and Girls Club

  • Provided regular CDBG funding to support club’s after school programming

San Moritz Lodge

  • Allocated $750,000 to repair, maintain historic lodge

Park-n-Ride Lot

  • Constructed park-n-ride lot in 2006
  • Lot also provides additional park in Crestline’s commercial district

Lake Gregory Regional Park

  • Expanded, improved South Beach parking lot
  • Dredged lake, developed plan to maintain lake level
    • Environmental issues delayed dredging for years
  • Planning zero-depth water play area to attract more visitors

Lake Gregory Walkway

  • Built 3-mile outer Lake Gregory Trail to provide additional walking areas for residents

Historic Pillars

  • Provided funding for community project to create Swiss-themed pillars around the Crestline community
  • Worked with Rim of the World Historical Society

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