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San Antonio Heights and Mt. Baldy

Road/Flood Control Improvements

  • Lamplighter Lane
  • Sierra Drive
  • 25th Street
  • 23rd Street
  • 24th Street
  • Vista Drive
  • West Mesa Terrace
  • Ocean View Drive
  • SAH storm drain improvements – $720,000 (2007)
  • Needed to prevent persistent flooding on private property


  • Started Community Emergency Response Team
  • Provided multiple emergency supplies for team members

Mt. Baldy Emergency Communications Equipment (2008)

  • Provides pre-recorded message informing residents of traffic delays, fires, road closures or evacuations
  • Residents access system via radio

Mt. Baldy Fire Department

  • Offered reward to return of stolen equipment in January 2005 (equipment later recovered)
  • Provided $43,000 to replace stolen rescue equipment

Mt. Baldy Run to the Top

  • Consistently provided funding to support the Mt. Baldy Run to the Top event
  • Provided $2,000 for this year’s 44th annual Run to the Top

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