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You have helped here in our local community, when I have called your office for our Upland Sister City functions. You have also helped with the Seniors groups. Also at our Christmas Parade. So you are there for all to see.

-Lillian DeLuise Kunz

I see Paul Biane very active in our community. He makes sure he is present at local events and always offers a ear on what the public views or concerns are. He listens and often hands out his card if he can assist you. Paul is a politician who cares about the people and not afraid to stand up for the public concerns. Paul is not your average politician he is a person who puts himself in front of the public so he can see and listen to our needs.

-Tracy Romanow

We support the re-election of Paul Biane to serve as our County Supervisor because we believe he truly cares about the mountain communities. Prior to his election, we felt we never got our fair share of tax dollars to make improvements to this unicorporated town. We appreciate his honest open door policy and the fact that he listens to his constitutents.

-Jim & Doe Huff, Crestline

"Supervisor Paul Biane is a dedicated representative with a solid record of promoting fiscal responsibility for the citizens of Upland, Fontana, and Rancho Cucamonga."

-Congressman David Dreier

"I applaud Supervisor Paul Biane for his work in bringing new jobs to the Inland Empire."

-Ron Sakala, Past President Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce

Hi Paul I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all the help you have given on a city and county level. Thanks for all your hard work when we were re-designing the 210 freeway through Rancho Cucamonga. Also thanks for helping when we had a problem with San Bernardino County Sheriffs not responding to 911 calls on the bike/walking trail in Rancho. With your help and the help from members of the Rancho Cucamonga City Council we were able to make the tail safer for everyone who uses it. I'm glad to know that now with your help all 911 calls from the trail will be responded to.

-Good luck in the up coming election

The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association wholeheartedly supports Supervisor Paul Biane. Supervisor Biane has been a true champion of the taxpayer.

Having signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge, he has held true to his promise and has cut spending by more than $100 million over the past 3 years alone. He has balanced the Countys budget and has led the County to an A-1 rating for sound financial management. Paul: You are the Best any County could ask for,

-Savannah Cat Shoppe

"Thank you Supervisor Biane for having the courage to blow the whistle on county corruption."

-Sam Spagnolo, Rancho Cucamonga City Council

"Thank you Supervisor Paul Biane for providing more county job training resources and helping my business to create local jobs."

-Gail Horton Owner, California Computer Schools / Former Upland City Councilwoman

"I'm supporting Supervisor Paul Biane because he's a strong advocate for taxpayers."

- State Senator Bob Dutton

"Educators appreciate Supervisor Paul Biane's leadership in expanding local library services and supporting quality schools."

-Wes Fifield, Upland School Board Trustee

"Supervisor Biane is an effective advocate for our libraries, our schools and our environment…We need his continued leadership on the Board of Supervisors."

-Josie Gonzales, Vice Chair San Bernardino County Board of Supervisor

I have had the pleasure to know Paul over 30 years. His character, integrity and willingness to help people are second to none. In fact, he is one that inspired me to run for State Representative in Massachusetts. Though I cannot vote for him, I do give him my utmost support.

-Rodney Josephson , Candidate State Rep, 5th Worcester District

Paul is a family man. He believes in and supports the same issues as I do. He supports education, public safety, preserving the heritage of our cities. He is honest and experienced in the office of supervisor. I trust him to be my voice in the political arena.

-Eui Conte

"Republicans can count on Supervisor Paul Biane to oppose higher taxes and stand up for our conservative values."

-Gary Ovitt, Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, Former Chairman of the San Bernardino County Republican Party

It is a pleasure and privilege to support Paul Biane for re-election as our County Supervisor. I have been so grateful for the attention and support Paul has provided to our mountain communities. No Supervisor in recent memory has demonstrated more positive impact and representation. Our new library will be a wonderful focal point for our local community. The walking trails around Lake Gregory; the recently completed dog park; skate park; sidewalks and overall improvements will have long lasting positive impact for all of our citizens. I have appreciated how available and present Paul Biane has been at so many of our local activities and fundraisers. Paul has listened to our concerns and responded to them. I am a strong supporter to see Paul Biane re-elected as "our" County Supervisor!

-Mike Pate

"I want to thank Supervisor Paul Biane for being a very important part if the fundraising efforts for the new Sheu Family YMCA…He really stepped up to help Upland families and bring a great new resource to our community."

-Dr. Loren Sanchez, President Emeritus Sheu Family YMCA of Upland

"Working families can count on Supervisor Paul Biane to fight for our concerns…He's bringing more jobs and employment training resources to our communities"

-Frank Ward, United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local 944

"We support Supervisor Paul Biane…he's an effective advocate for the citizens of Rancho Cucamonga."

-Dennis Michael
-Diane Williams, Mayor Pro Tem City Councilwoman

"Thank you Supervisor Paul Biane for cutting through the government red tape and helping my business create more jobs."

-John Holliday, Holliday Rock Company

"I have known Paul and the Biane family for many years. He is committed to addressing the issues facing our county."

-Dr. Loren Sanchez, Retired Upland School Superintendent

"I have known Paul Biane and his family for over 30 years and know him to be a man of principled integrity and firm character. I believe he has been completely dedicated to the best interests of our community."

-Stephen G. Larson, Former Federal Judge and Prosecutor

"I am pleased to endorse Supervisor Paul Biane…He's a Republican tax fighter who delivers results."

-Senator Bill Emmerson

"Supervisor Paul Biane's leadership has been instrumental in making our communities safer. I am proud to endorse his election."

–Gary Penrod, Former San Bernardino County Sheriff

"Supervisor Paul Biane led the way in supporting our County's new law enforcement program to identify and deport illegal aliens in our jails."

- Rod Hoops, San Bernardino County Sheriff