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Improved San Antonio Park – 2007

  • Walking trails, park lot, picnic area, and stone fire pit
  • Allocated $963,000

Upland Library

  • Provided $337,000
    • Updated book check-out system
    • Included telephone notification for late books, book arrivals
  • Provided $10,000 annually since 2004 for literacy program

Upland YMCA

  • Provided $1 million to help YMCA purchase new facility

Animal Shelter – 2009

  • Provided $275,000 to help city open new animal shelter

24th Street Reconstruction – 2007

  • Reconstructed 24th Street between San Antonio Avenue and Cliff Road

Olivedale Park (Little League Support) – 2007

  • Allocated $140,000 to install artificial turf, install public address system

Historic Fire House – 2007

  • Provided $150,000 to support renovation of historic fire house

Baseline Sports Park

  • Facilitated removal of flood control easement to allow construction of proposed Baseline Sports Park


  • Supported City’s efforts to consolidate RDA’s to increase funding available for downtown improvements

After School Program

  • Provided $20,000 in CDBG dollars to fund Pentecostal Community Outreach After School Tutoring program

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